Organize your own consultation with our step-by-step kit!

A citizens’ contributory activity is a self-organized gathering of approximately two and a jurisdiction of the City of Montréal. This activity is for all who would like to contribute to the debate: individuals, corporations, community organizations, unions, associations, etc.

Teams of 4 to 8 participants

Invite your network to a friendly consultation activity to reflect on solutions to systemic racism and discrimination in Montreal.

Work time

20 min



2 h 30


Use our easy to follow kit to…


Prepare your
participatory process




your results

For each team, prepare a step by step kit.

Print all PDF in the kit.

Download the animation guide
(Printable in letter format double-sided)

Download the step-by-step kit
(Printable in letter format single-sided)

Lead your activity...

With the animation guide,

Lead the discussions of your group to identify the problems and find viable solutions to the various issues.

Although the animator must ensure that the activity runs smoothly overall, all the teams are provided with material that allows them to autonomously follow the process, step by step.

You have questions?

514 872-3568

Submit your results...

At the end of the activity, the animator or organizer compiles the results of the answer sheets and transmits the results to the OCPM.

Take pictures of your activity!

Publish on social media

Take a group picture and other pictures during your debates.



You wish to organize your own citizens' contributory activity?


Register it on our website to promote it.

Register my activity

The OCPM will only promote activities accessible to persons with limited mobility.

Date of the activity Location Registration
08/06/2019 1550 Metcalfe St, 14th floor, salle CE Register
09/28/2019 1550 Metcalfe St, 14th floor, salle CE Register

The OCPM citizens' contributory activity

The OCPM will conduct a citizens' contributory activity on Saturday, September 28th from 1PM to 4PM.

We invite you to register early to ensure your participation.

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